Attaching a dampstick to the wall of a self storage container in Newton Abbot
Strong device to absorb moisture in your unit

What is it?

A strong plastic tube, holding 1000grams of Anhydrous Calcium Chloride is all you need to absorb the moisture in your container for up to 6 months.
Emptying the Dampstick sump once full.

Why choose DampStick?

We believe that DampStick is the most effective solution to damp and condensation in your storage unit, both practically and financially.

Keep your container bone dry

Dampstick Logo for Self Storage Devon
Concerned about condensation and damp in your unit?
Avoid it with a DampStick.

How does it work?

Storing excess moisture in the bottom of the pole, Dampstick’s crystals last longer than similar products to keep your container bone dry.